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Battelfield bad company 2 server

We just got a new server !!

[>>99<<] Oldmen Ranked DK
View it HERE

32 slot
The BC2 server is streaming to PBBans.

go play and have fun !!!
ETQW: >>99<< Oldmen DK Ranked server
We have decided to cancel our ETQW Ranked server @ i3D, while it's empty allmost all the time. The ETQW server will be shutdown the 4th of march.
The ETQW-server code is some how buggy, while it's keep crashing, and i3D can't do anything about it (they have tried!). Who want's to play on a server which keep crashing....
Allso ID stopped making improvements to ETQW, that's too sad, while ETQW in basic is a great game.

We want to say thank you to all you players, who contributed to great games on the server.

We havn't decided what game to play next, but when we have made a decision, we problably rent another ranked server (is there any other kind?).

Keep up the good mood, and stay away from cheats.

Merry Xmas and happy new year
Merry Xmas and a happy new year to all of you.

What happened in 2009 and what will we do in 2010?

2009 was the year, where ETQW reached 2 years of age. We did expect ETQW to be more popular that it went. Numbers of active servers dropped. ETQW had some bugs, and increasing numbers of cheaters and nothing was done about it (still the same). The cause of some of the problems seems to be within punkbuster-server-client part, which among others can’t get screenshots from 30-50% of the players (I won’t reveal the main cause). Another Punkbuster (PB) fault is the fact, some players does not communicate with Punkbuster servers, you all know what this means… Some players do this deliberately; others do not, hard to see the difference.
The guys at PPBans.com are doing a great job, discovering faults inside Punkbuster server BF2-PB-takeover and so on, but the publisher of PB have announced nothing will be done.

A new version of Wolfenstein was released, just before the release, Raven got to finalize the code. We had very high expectations; most of us did order the game before release date. What a disappointment. First impression was, and I’ve heard this lots of times; ‘I feel I have played this game before’. Laggy server-code, unplayable in my opinion. Like Quake4, this game is dead before you know it.

With these disappointments, we were looking for another game, which we could use on cold evening hours. A new version of COD was released; COD MW2. Well we all learn from experiences; who want to waste money on a game, if you don’t play it. COD MW2 was released with a lot of publicity, stating cheating was very difficult since Steam-account was required. 10 hours after release, a demo of a very effective multihack could be seen on youtube.com. Will publishers ever learn? Well cheater can be dealt with manually, but looking through more reviews, it became clear, no dedicated server code would be released. This means the dead of all competition, no modifications are allowed. Lots of noise was made by the community, but publisher stays firm. If you look around, boycott is the word used to ward COD MW2. It’s hard to get some clear statements, so the community did come up with plausible reasons. The PC segment of gaming is not giving enough profit. No dedicated servers point, as PS3 and XBOX360 is the customers in the future. PS3 and XBOX do not allow same degree of modification. All too sad, through time I have bought all the COD titles, but not MW2, I’m on the team who say boycott.

What’s to come in 2010?

So far we haven’t seen any game of interest. The last 2 months we have spent time on the good old ET – Enemy Territory, which can be controlled in all aspects (literally).
My wish for 2010 in the gaming-community, is the game developers to look through list at FPSAdmin.com, which states what to do, if you want to make a successful online game.

Teamspeak 3 has been released, which we have tested, and there is a lot of improvement. Quality of sound is improved a lot, still UDP communication though. With UDP-traffic comes LAG in the voice, if you got any Ethernet packetloss. The developer of Teamspeak seems to have forgot one thing to get in competition with Ventrilo, I am missing protocol for the server, to make a decent viewer in html or php. As soon as the protocol is released, we will look into a upgrade of Teamspeak-viewer made by Makro.

What a load of complaining, nothing positive? Well the gaming community all over the world do make an effort in people having a great time doing FPS-gaming. All this is useless in the future, if the developers continues in the path they have chosen at this moment. There are still people who want to contribute to the online gaming for free. Lots of experience will be lost, if they find another hobby. I will say thanks to all those people, who spend many hours improving aspects of online life unpaid.

Feel free to leave a comment..

Det kan være, at du mener at du er smuk, men det er åbenbart ikke nok, Van_Dragen, du har været en slem slem dreng, hvordan kan det lykkes dig både at være syg, og at det regner på din fødselsdag? Nu forstår vi bedre hvor din egen lille terminator har lært alle unoderne. Jeg skal i øvrigt hilse fra Hr_MORS og sige at han savner, at hans hoveddør bliver åbnet og lukket hele tiden (i timevis), og at han også savner, at der er nogen, der hele tiden ringer på klokken på hoveddøren...

Du skal også have lidt ros, du er ret god til at sige til, når chaufføren skal stoppe, fordi du skal ud for at kaste op, din timing må vist betegnes som at være helt perfekt.

Det kan godt være, at du er god og at du selv mener at du er smuk, men det var jo ikke dig, som løb med gevinsten til >>99<<-LAN, men du er jo kendt for at lave god morgenmad, det kan alle, som deltog i LAN vist bekræfte.

Vi alle håber, at dine meget billige 600-kr dyre bade bukser stadig passer, så vidt vi ved, har du vist kun brugt dem én gang.
Du er jo også god (not) til at finde fluedræbende redskaber, det er bare synd, at dimme-limmer-gadgeten ikke virker på fluer, men kun på myg. Den ekspedient, som overbeviste dig om at den virker på fluer, kan også sælge sand i Sahara...

Du skal passe bedre på dig selv, passe på dit blodtryk og arbejdsmængden. Jeg er klar over at jeg har andel i arbejdsmængden, men jeg vil nøjes med sende meget vigtige opgave videre i systemet. Du skal øve dig i at sende opgaver videre, samt at tælle til 10, når tingene tilspidses.

Du får de bedste ønsker med på dagen fra os i >>99<<, med håb om mange gode år fremover.
New Server: Wolfenstein
We got a new server added to our pack !! this time the new Wolfenstein !!

>>99<< Oldmen www.99.dk IP address:

You can see server details HERE

Go have some fun !!!
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05/11/2020 20:28
Man skal opdatere til Ventrilo 3.10, for at connecte til ventrilo server, typefrag har opdateret serven.

14/04/2019 20:30
Så brug de sidste 4....

14/04/2019 20:27
Prøv igen

14/04/2019 20:26
det virker ikke

Fam Oldman
27/02/2019 14:26
Har i tænk at lukker op for Et igen ?

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